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Cannabis pioneer Langdon Brown to build Australia’s first factory for processing of hemp fibre for domestic and export markets

A snippet from the Tweed Valley Weekly’s coverage of Southern Cross Hemp Oil CEO Langdon Brown’s hemp processing factory announcement

Southern Cross Hemp Oil CEO Langdon Brown, who played an instrumental role over the last decade in bringing about the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Australia, and who has since become one of the country’s leading advocates for industrial uses of hemp, has secured $50 million in financial backing to build Australia’s first manufacturing plant for processing hemp fibre.

Mr. Brown hopes to make Australia a leading producer of feedstock for hemp-based products, including hemp-based plastic beads that hold the potential to revolutionize food packaging by providing a biodegradable alternative to traditional non-biodegradable plastic.

Mr. Brown told Australian media that he is looking to purchase up to 100 acres of land for the maufacturing plant in Murwillumbah, that would also include a tourism facility where the public could be educated about hemp’s many commercial and industrial uses.

Several major Australian media publications covered the announcement of the upcoming hemp processing plant, including the Gold Coast Bulletin, the Herald Sun, and the Tweed Daily News.

New Podcast Interview with Langdon Brown on Banana Talk

Langdon Brown, who recently launched New South Wale’s first DPI approved mobile hemp oil extraction company, Southern Cross Hemp Oil, had an interview on the Banana Talk podcast:

Cannabis Pioneer First to Receive Permission from Australian DPI for Mobile Hemp Oil Extraction Company

Langdon Brown, who helped create the groundswell of public support for medicinal cannabis, which eventually led to the Australian government legalizing medicinal cannabis nation wide, has become the first Australian granted permission to launch a mobile hemp oil extraction company, from New South Wale’s Department of Primary Industries.

A hemp field. Langdon Brown has received permission from the NSW DPI for extraction of hemp oil from Australian-grown hemp

A hemp field. Langdon Brown has received a NSW permission from the DPI for extraction of hemp oil from Australian-grown hemp

Brown, whose arduous journey over the last several years included successfully exonerating himself in the Australian legal system on charges of illegal supply of cannabis (see: Is This the Last Australian to Face Court Over Medicinal Weed?), published a message on his Facebook page today announcing receiving permission from the DPI and soliciting contacts for production of skin care and pet food products utilizing Australian processed hemp oil.

US Podcast Interviews Langdon Brown on How He Got His Charges Dismissed While Helping Thousands of Australians Access Medicinal Cannabis

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US-based Calacann published an interview this month with Langdon Brown, the Founder of Don Medicinal Cannabis, for their Dank Discussions podcast.The podcast summarized the key points of the interview as:

3 Dank Points

  • Overcoming trauma with the help of cannabis.
  • Beating a 15-year+ case by not giving up.
  • Traveling thousands of miles to help 1800+ sick Aussies

Link to interview:

Charges Dismissed: How a Medicinal Cannabis Pioneer Helped Thousands While Beating His Case

All Charges Against Medicinal Cannabis Pioneer Dismissed By Sydney Magistrate

On 15th November 2018, Langdon Brown of Don Medicinal Cannabis had two commercial supply charges of cannabis oil dismissed in Sydney Downing Center. This is the second time such charges against Mr. Brown have been dismissed.

Nominated for Australian of the Year in 2017 and 2018 for helping sick and dying Australias with little to no profit, his tax paying medicinal cannabis company paid $200,000+ in GST from 2014-2016


Don Medicinal Cannabis founder Langdon Brown nominated for 2018 Australian of the Year

Langdon Brown, who is facing a trial next month for supplying medicinal cannabis  to sick and dying Australians, has been nominated for the 2018 Australian of the Year Award.

Mr. Brown has led the charge to legalise medicinal cannabis and has personally provided medicinal cannabis to thousands of people in need in Australia through his company, the Don Medicinal Cannabis.

Below is the letter confirming his nomination:


Canada’s Canopy Growth partners with Australia’s AusCann to develop medicinal cannabis business


Industrial scale cannabis farm. Canopy Growth says its experience in the Canadian medicinal cannabis market will help AusCann develop its own medicinal cannabis production facilities to provide for Australia’s newly legal market.

Canada’s Canopy Growth Corporation, parent company of licensed cannabis producers Tweed, Tweed Farms and Bedrocan Canada, and Australia’s AusCann have announced a medicinal cannabis partnernship to produce medicinal cannabis for Australia’s newly legal market.

Canopy Growth will provide AusCann with assistance in production, quality assurance and operations, as well as strategic advisory services, in exchange for a 15% ownership stake in the Australian company.

Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton said that the company’s experience starting Tweed and its sister companies after legalization in Canada makes it experienced in facing the same “opportunities and challenges” that Australian medicinal cannabis companies can expect to encounter as the country develops a legal market for the product.

Linton will join AusCanna’s Board of Directors and share with the company the best practices Tweed Farms established over recent years. Commenting on the partnership, AusCann Managing Director Elaine Darby said:

“We chose to work with Canopy Growth because they’ve established themselves as leaders in the Canadian and global industry. We are excited to establish the same success here in Australia.”

Medicinal cannabis was officially legalized in Australia in February, and new regulations governing the legal medicinal cannabis market are in the process of being implemented.

Leading marijuana activist faults New South Wales government for cannabis hypocrisy

Deputy Premier of NSW, Troy Grant, Deputy Prime Minister and local MP, Barnaby Joyce, and Lucy Haslam, at the opening of the Haslam's new medicinal cannabis farm (Facebook)

Deputy Premier of NSW, Troy Grant, Deputy Prime Minister and local MP, Barnaby Joyce, and Lucy Haslam, at the opening of the Haslam’s new medicinal cannabis farm (Facebook)

Langdon Brown, a major figure in the Australian medicinal cannabis industry, published a scolding Facebook post on April 18th accusing the New South Wales government in Australia of having two standards of justice in their treatment of medicinal cannabis.

The critique came after the first legally sanctioned medicinal cannabis farm in Australia was opened near Tamworth, NSW in a photo op that included local MP and Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and NSW Deputy Premier, Troy Grant.

Langdon Brown’s post noted that while NSW has not yet made medicinal cannabis legal, Tony Grant, who is also NSW’s Minister of Justice and Police, is overseeing the opening of a medicinal cannabis farm. Brown commended the accelerated legalization of medicinal cannabis by the NSW government, but noted the legal double standard wherein he faces criminal charges for violating the same medicinal cannabis laws that are being ignored in the case of the Haslam’s new farm.

Langdon Brown meeting Dan Haslam, whose parents fought for legalization of medicinal cannabis as he battled cancer (Facebook)

Langdon Brown meeting Dan Haslam, whose parents began fighting for legalization of medicinal cannabis after he began using cannabis to treat the symptoms of his cancer treatment (Facebook)

Brown concluded his post by calling for the NSW state government to drop its charges against him, and live up to its mandate to provide equal justice for all:

“To those in the NSW government, please call off this abhorrent witch hunt against me by the Crown prosecution. Please drop the criminal charges against me, that threaten to take me away from my family for violating a law that the entire country, from Victoria, to the federal government, to our own state, has already repealed, or is in the process of repealing.

To date, I have currently assisted 1,532 Australians with cancer, epilepsy, MS and other life threatening conditions with medicinal cannabis.”

The full Facebook post can be read here.

Canadian government declares full legalization of marijuana in 2017

Representatives of UN member states meeting at the UNGASS on the World Drug Problem in Vienna on April 20 2016 (2016 UNODC)

Representatives of UN member states meeting at the UNGASS on the World Drug Problem in Vienna on April 20 2016 (2016 UNODC)

Canada’s Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, told a Special Session of the UN General Assembly on the World Drug Problem that Canada would be introducing legislation to legalize marijuana consumption in the country.

The special session was called after Latin American countries called on the world to change the global strategy on combating drug abuse away from the War on Drugs approach that they say is harming their countries, making Minister Philpott’s comments consistent with the theme of the meeting.

The Minister said that consultations with NGOs, lawyers doctors and activists, as well as her experience as a medical doctor in both Canada and sub-Saharan Africa informed her opinion that the current drug policy was not working.

In building the case marijuana legalization, Philpott said:

“Our approach to drugs must be comprehensive, collaborative and compassionate.  It must respect human rights while promoting shared responsibility. And it must have a firm scientific foundation.”

She said that her government will “apply these principles with regard to marijuana.”

The Minister added that legislation affecting marijuana would be introduced in Spring 2017, and remarked that it would both keep marijuana out of the hands of children, suggesting age restrictions in the new law, and criminals, pointing to full legalisation of the supply, instead of decriminalization.

Philpott acknowledged that Canadian legalization would conflict with policy in many countries, but that the Canadian government believes it’s the best way forward for the country.

The announcement is part of a raft of developments toward greater legal tolerance toward cannabis and its derived products. Australia recently passed legislation legalizing medicinal cannabis in the country. That legislation would not legalize cannabis for recreational use however.


Australia legalizes medicinal cannabis

A hemp plant. The cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis was legalized in Australia on February 24 2016 (Hendrike)

A hemp plant. The cultivation and production of medicinal cannabis was legalized in Australia on February 24 2016 (Hendrike)

Australia has become the most recent Western nation to legalize medicinal cannabis after legislation was passed on February 24, 2016 by the Australian to legalize cannabis for medicla purposes.

Health Minister Sussan Ley described the legislation as the “missing piece” needed to provide Australian patients with a reliable source of legal medicinal cannabis for managing chronic conditions.

The legislation, which received bipartisan support in Australia’s parliament, will create a national medicinal cannabis regulator to oversee the cultivation of cannabis and the manufacture of medicinal cannabis products from the cannabis plant.

Commenting on the passing of the legislation, Ms Ley said:

“This is an historic day for Australia and the many advocates who have fought long and hard to challenge the stigma around medicinal cannabis products so genuine patients are no longer treated as criminals.”

“This is the missing piece in a patient’s treatment journey and will now see seamless access to locally-produced medicinal cannabis products from farm to pharmacy.”

Ms Ley added that the amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act are consistent with Australia’s international obligations under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

The Health Minister added that the new legislation would not make cannabis legal for general cultivation or recreational use.